How To Make Strategy Work

Strategy pics

Strategy is an elaborate and systematic plan of action designed to solve a challenge. The challenge of strategy is the inability of individuals and corporate organisations to connect it to the real world. A strategy that is not well announced or communicated is a bad strategy. In order to ensure proper alignment of one’s entire business strategy, corporate strategy must be the basis of marketing or any other strategy in terms of business.

The conceptualisation of strategy from creation’s dawn was actually to solve the various challenges posed by nature. The human mind always thinks strategy because it was programmed to do so, but what do we see today? All we see are strategies that are sometimes not coherent and cognizant of the challenges we face in the real world today. This might not always be the case because some strategies are targeted and they usually achieve what they have been planned to do. 

Making a strategy work takes a deliberate and conscious effort. Of course, there are laid down procedures to follow to completely make a strategy work. Strategy is in different forms: personal strategy, business strategy, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, corporate strategy, data strategy and digital strategy amongst others. When we are faced with challenges, we sit back and make elaborate plans on how to solve them. The challenges could be in business, education or in our everyday life. The situation today is that the elaborate plans people make in business and sometimes in everyday life do not answer to the challenges that are being posed to them by nature. The question now is why? The answer to this question will go a long way to help us when we are strategising to execute a project and in laying out other forms of strategy.

The fact about strategy is that when properly applied, it produces results, solves challenges and makes life easier for us. Strategy is very important and we must learn to synergise them with the real world. When we get to the place where we have completely synergised our strategy to become reality, then we are on our way to getting that result that we have planned to achieve in business. And one of the ways of achieving that synergy is when the conceptualisation of strategy meets human philosophy. The essence of synergising strategy is to complete a process that started as a challenge and to give it a solution that is appropriate for it. Simple steps you can follow to always make your strategy work include:

  • Make sure you fully define the challenge you want to solve.
  • Understand the untold story of that challenge; this is because the secret to solving that challenge is usually in the untold story, whether in executing a project, defining a strategy to increase sales and so on.
  • Give the challenge time and think thoroughly about it making sure that all the factors have been considered even in your thought process.
  • Do a traditional sketch of what the solution should look like and then test it on a smaller scale before it is finally drawn out.
  • Seek the opinion of those who will be engaged in the project execution; this relates only to those strategising for project execution.
  • Carry out a survey, if it involves a field project and do the necessary research if research is required to confirm your facts.
  • Finally, follow the path laid out for strategy and planning; the path of strategy and planning include: Lead, Think, Plan and Act.

Strategy is supposed to produce results, so when your strategies are not yielding the desired result, it should leave you with the thought of taking a second look at it.

I remember Winston Churchill said “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

By Benneth NJOKU


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