5 Ways to Customise Social Media to align with your goal


Are you achieving your goals on social media? Or are you part of the group of people whose presence is not making any effect? You can make a buzzing effect with your presence on social media. The term social media refers to social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. It has so many advantages and also made access to information easy and timely.

Like every other invention, it has been abused and misused. And despite its negative aspect; one can customise it to align with his personal goals. Most organisations now have departments to cater for the social media. But despite this fact, organisations are yet to fully achieve this goal of optimising the use of the social media. They believe it is only a platform where one can generate information or probably keep abreast with recent happenings. They are yet to see it as a complete marketing tool. The few that are using it as a marketing tool have not fully integrated the process to produce the required result. So they have just succeeded in having a website that serves as an online brochure. Or probably have a Facebook that doesn’t fully represent their organisation. In fact, so many people are joining different social media platforms without defining what they want to achieve with their presence on such platforms.

One of the principles of purpose according to Myles Munroe says “If the purpose of a thing is not known then misuse is inevitable.” The level of misuse of the social media is as a result of the inability of individuals or organisations to be able to customise and align it with their personal goals. How do we customise the social media to meet our goals, whether as individuals or as a corporate organisation?

Tip 1: Define your goal: Defining your goal is the foundation that defines the structure of your strategy and the type of platform you intend to use. For an organisation, information about your buyer persona will determine the content strategy and will even go as far as determining the structure of your website. Individuals without defining goals for social media are like the wind that blows in different directions, they share content without a sense of direction. No wonder when they post content, they hardly get a response and this is because, they share content on irrelevant issues, while in their next post they share content that are worlds apart from the content they previously posted. Such individual will only have a presence without a reaching effect on the public.

Tip 2: Become an authority: An authority on social media is someone who people listen to and believes every word he says.  They come to develop a level of trust in such people, because they share verifiable facts and develop content with a touch of creativity. People or organisations don’t just wake up, to become authorities, they work for it. Most times, they remain on the part of consistency in their dissemination of verifiable facts over time. An individual can also be an authority by disseminating relevant information to your audience over time. The challenge why many are finding it hard to act in this capacity is due to the fact that in this era of user-generated content; people are disseminating information that is factually wrong with an inconsistent grammatical structure. That turns people off and gets them to leave such page instantly.

Tip 3: Let your profile represent you: When people come to your profile what do they see? Will they see a well written profile that represents your organisation or your personality as an individual? Your online profile is a virtual representation of you or your organisation. And whatever you have on your profile should reflect who you are, and what you represent. For instance, for someone who is into freelancing online, his profile will determine if he is going to get jobs or not. What the prospect sees is your profile and if your profile doesn’t represent you, then you need to revisit it and make it original.

Tip 4: Integrate your channels: Don’t ever have a website without a social media integration. The arrow of integration should be forward that is, the channel of information should be from a social media platform to your website. It is a wrong premise to have a website and feel the public will find it without a viable social media presence. A well-integrated channel can guarantee you an increased traffic on your website or blog.

Tip 5: Join online groups and forums: Groups and forums are the easiest place to pass your messages. They are usually populated, with people of like minds sharing ideas and information. As I said earlier, the group or forum you join will be determined by your goal that is, what you want to achieve by joining such group. For instance, if you are a business development officer as I am, you should join groups and forums on business development that will be of use and most beneficial to you. There will be areas you are yet to get familiar with in your job, you can seek for the opinion of professionals in such groups or forums and then get relevant information.

Without these principles, you may think you are connecting with the public, but you won’t know that you are doing otherwise. Just as a French artist popularly known as JR said “The more social media, we have, the more we think we are connected, yet we are really disconnected from each other.”  Take the right steps so you can connect.

By Benneth NJOKU


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