Discover The Path That Connects Your Act to Your Future

The Presenation

The future is often a reflection of our today’s decision. This makes our every decisions very important as it determines the outcome in all we do both in the corporate and social circle. Presentation in its several meanings is an act itself that determines the form the future would take. Counting on the power of presentation, it is one-act which, if mastered is a step in the right direction, which can define one’s path. Presentation has various meanings. But for this article, let us stick to the definition of “” It defines it as thus “whenever one engage in an action to convey a message to another individual, one is conducting a presentation.” The purpose of a presentation is to express an idea or a message to an audience. Whenever you are conveying a message to an audience, you are performing an act through the process of presentation. And such act is connected to your future.

Presentations could be in different forms, it could be to make a formal presentation at work. It could also be to convey a message either verbal or non-verbal on a scene. Nonverbal form of presentation speaks louder than the verbal form. It can be seen in your appearance, your comportment and in the way you carry yourself. Non-verbal presentation already gives people a particular perception about you, before you use the verbal form of presentation.

A complete package of presentation that opens ways to opportunities are presentations whose non-verbal form is in complete sync with its verbal form. This is the position most of us want to be, a place where our presentation will open up opportunities that connects our act to the future. Here are simple steps to follow in achieving it:

Tip 1: Be original: Each individual has a unique style which is entirely different from the other. This style defines your personality and originality. Once you can identify your style and stick to it, then you are on the right track. What that does is that, it helps to distinguish you from others. The more you keep your style of presentation; the more it forms an unconscious trend in the mind of your audience, making them to unconsciously seek for your style of presentation when needed.

Tip 2: Give your best: With the consciousness that your presentation is connected to your future, then you are expected to give your best. At every point of presentation, giving your best in everything you do opens opportunities for you to understand and master the act of practice.

Tip 3: Seek advice before you take decisions: Your decisions determine the outcome of your future. So it becomes necessary that before taking decisions, you should look at the consequence of the outcome to know whether it will be positive or not. The accumulation of these decisions will determine what your future will be. Most times, decisions are taken based on our priorities. Once can to get your priorities right, then your decision which is taken to compliment your act can produce a bright future.

Tip 4: Stay focused: Distractions are like foxes that spoil the vine. Distractions often come as excuses and reasons for not doing certain tasks. It is easy to be distracted and not to remain focused with other activities. These activities may seem right and should be done, but if you don’t get your priorities right, you will mistake activity for productivity. Your ability to differentiate between activity and productivity will determine how focused you are and how people will accept your presentation.

Tip 5: Invest in yourself: You cannot give what you don’t have. That is the reason you need to invest in yourself. Personal development is a tool that defines your outcome when you face opportunities. You cannot grow above the level of your personal development. It is important to have a definite act, which would give you a positive result; you need to invest in personal development.

Tip 6: Seize Opportunities: When you act in line with your presentation, it opens an opportunity for you and it is important that you seize such opportunity. It is one thing to have an opportunity; it is another thing to seize the opportunity. When you seize opportunities, it affords you more opportunities. The more you seize opportunities, the more you master your act and pave a path for a bright future.

Our act is what determines the outcome of the future. This knowledge will determine what our everyday presentation will be. Marcus Aurelius during his meditating on acts and mindfulness wrote down a nugget for wisdom. It says “Do every act of your life as if it were the last act of your life.” With this you can be sure the future is bright.

By Benneth NJOKU


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