Unlock the Secrets to Getting Your Business Ready For 2015

Unlocking the secret to getting your business ready

Taking the right step is predicated on knowledge and right decisions. No business or corporate organisation can achieve any lasting result without the right steps. Confucius literally “Master Kong” was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher, who was of the opinion that “The expectations of life depends upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”

Once your tools are sharpened, it affects your decision and, that affects the outcome of your business. Starting in a new year, it is natural to take off activities slowly. That should not always be the case because barriers can be overcome by a mind switch. The mind is the centre hub of a man’s life, what he thinks is what he reflects. Once you set your mind to get your business moving for 2015 and you mind is focused on it, you are ready to go. This simple means you have overcome the first obstacle. Henry Ford a prominent American Industrialist and founder of Ford motors said “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goals.” It is important that entrepreneurs get their minds prepared to achieve their goals this year. Once the obstacle of the mind has been eliminated, here are simple tips for you to unlock the secrets to getting your business ready for 2015:

1. Give your business visibility: It is useless to have a range of services that offers variety of solutions to the public, yet it is not known. Visibility for businesses can be done through various channels. It is important that you understand your business and know the right channel appropriate for it. Both online and offline channels are readily available for business visibility. All you need is choose the right channels and put the right information out there. Then you’ll see the right prospect flowing in your direction. They can then be followed up to complete the conversion process.

2. Be professional: Everyone wants to deal with a professional or even a professional process. To professionalise your process simply means you are prepared to handling processes based on standards and how they should be done. When prospects come to your organisation, they expect a level of professionalism. They either look at your conduct, atmosphere for business or the standard of the process you want to subject their work. Once they are not satisfied, you’ll lose them.

3. Sell the benefits before the cost: When value is offered, it attracts financial gains in return. Everyone wants to get value for their money. This is the reason they need to be educated about what they want to buy, either a service or a product. It is your duty to sell the benefit before the cost, so they can discover the value you have to offer. And then decide to part with whatever they have to give in monetary value.

4. Follow the trend: Following trend is not only to keep abreast with any information. But relevant information as it affects you business. You can do that by subscribing with relevant newsletters and sites that will send you update about what is happening in your area of business.

Although, there are so many tips you can follow to get your business ready. But I believe that these few steps will set your business out in the crowd and make you achieve your goals for 2015.

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction – Al Bernstein


Benneth NJOKU


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