Core Offerings
Benneth NJOKU hails from Mbaise, Ezinnihitte LGA of Imo, State South East Nigeria. He is a creative thinker, a strategic planner, a technologist, business development officer, a teacher and a self motivated individual. He uses his strategies and wide knowledge to proffer solutions using methods that have been analysed to drive growth in the corporate world. He currently works as a business development officer at The Ready Writer Consult, where he put his skills into work.

Personal Mission & Values
He is a self motivated individual who believes that to remain on the crest of productivity, requires a positive mental attitude with clearly defined goals. With his attitude of self motivation, creativity and initiatives in which he employs to achieve goals, he has in him a cultural team work, domain of techniques and strategies to execute projects. His desire is to see people succeed in what they like doing and he tries to inspire them by setting a standard for them to follow. The philosophy he employs is “To always strive for excellence, thereby giving glory to God, the best to humanity and satisfying his conscience.”

Administrative/ Leadership Experience
For Benneth NJOKU leadership started when he was young. It is an inherent quality in him seen as a virtue. He has always assumed leadership position, because he believes that leadership is servant hood. He has held so many leadership positions but not in the public space, he started holding public positions when he was in the university. He was the class representative of his department for his level from 200level to final year. While he was doing his National Youth Service Corp, he served as an Area Registration Officer (ARO I) and Presiding Officer during the 2011 Elections.

Hobbies & Personal info
He is a sanguine by nature with a little bit of choleric, easy going and fun to be with. He is the first son of a family of six. He believes that the physical is controlled by the spiritual realm. The foundation of his success is based on his faith. He likes playing football, reading books and meeting people.



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