Benneth NJOKU is a Social Media Marketing Expert with a background in science; he does full research work following the methodology of analytical research procedures. His profound knowledge of Business Development is outstanding, as he stands out in the field of Business strategy, Analytical Integration and User Generated Content.

He is also into brand management, understanding the language of the new digital age, he focuses on how to use the social media tool to optimize and drive business success deploying strategies that generates customer insight, service/product knowledge and development which is the domain where he applies the best of his skills.

He is a rare combination of science and business development. His scientific knowledge has been top-notch, applying it to develop new strategies and employing analytical precepts to match the core of marketing communications and social media engagement.

Today, he aims to fully utilize the focus of the new age, which is social media to get people inspired, so that they can be positioned to fulfil their God given purpose and bring out the best in them.

His source of inspiration is basically his faith in God and inspirational leaders who have served and left footprints in the sand of time, leaders like Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, Nelson Mandela, James Allen, Dale Carnegie, George Washington Carver and so many others.


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